Amplifier/Tuner Interface
for Older Icoms
by Bob W2ENY

The older Icom Transceivers 720, 730, 740, 745, 751, 751A interfaced directly to the AT-100, AT-500 tuner and IC-2KL amplifier... But this cable is no longer available new!!!!

This is another accessory that I developed to interface Icom equipment. Works with the AT-500, IC-2KL and transceivers using the rectangular type accessory jack on the back of the radio.

Using your Accessory jack, this interface cable passes all neccesary control voltages to the amp for ALC, T/R keying and auto-bandswitching. Just like Icom designed it. They just don't support it anymore...

The cable here is shielded and 4 feet long, so you can connect directly between the radio and amplifier or tuner. As I recall, Icom had you buying two cables to solve this solution.

If you have an ICOM radio and AT-100, AT-500 or IC-2KL amplifier, this is what you need! 

$35 Complete
Includes shipping by USPS First Class Mail

Send check (US Only) or money order in US$ to:

Robert Langston
286 Hudson Street
Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.  12520

You my also require the smaller adapter cable to attach the AT100, AT500 and IC-2KL, follow the link to see my version.