W2ENY's Drake Info and Stuff
You got info on Drake stuff, please email me...  Drake is GREAT!

Drake info, manuals, schematics, 
magazine reprints.

Yeah, Drake R8 at the 'Listening Post'

R4C Noise Blanker model 4-NB
Power Supply model AC-4    Mobile Power Supply model DC-4
Accessory Crystal lookup for the 4-line
Drake, a very cool story of Drake mods, etc.
FF-1, Fixed Frequency adapter
R4C Receiver Reprints from Ham Radio. 
I miss it, Annual Antenna Issue, etc...  :(
TR7, Mods and stuff.  Text file.
TR7, The I ran out of AUX-7 boards Drake Application Notes
shows the addition of AMBC, etc.
T4X* Transmitter Reprints from Ham Radio Magazine,  I miss it  :(
Other Misc. Crystal Info, Drake form (shows the math)
Other Misc. Drake Pages I've found
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