CT-17a Interface

An alternative to Icom's Interface
that now uses a USB port for controlling your Icom radio(s) with a computer
by Bob W2ENY



The old CT-17 interface connected to a standard RS-232 PC comm port and controlled up to four different Icom devices from a single PC. Icom's CT-17 interface was legacy serial RS-232 and is not a pretty solution these days with 9 to 25 pin converters and USB to 232 adapters.

This interface is a true USB transceiver interfacing to the Icom CIV standard (remote connector on your radio). There's no conversion to or from RS-232 and provides CIV logic for Icom transceivers (up to 4) as did the original Icom CT-17. Interface connects, operates and is powered by the computer USB port, has 4 connectors for radios and a clear gloss high quality die-cast metal enclosure.

This is fully compatible with popular contesting software (CT, WriteLog, TRLog, DX4WIN, etc.) and many 3rd party applications.

This package includes (from the picture above):
- The W2ENY CT-17 USB unit, multi-radio "CI-V" Interface
- Two cables to hookup two radios (connects the module to two radios, more cables are available)
- 6 foot USB cable (between the interface and your computer USB connection)
- Starter CD with complete driver set and installation manual - Tested to Windows 10
On the CDROM:
- The Icom CT-17 manual
- The Icom 'Communication Interface Reference Manual' - (a programmers guide)
- Software specific to Icom radios
- Ham Radio Deluxe
- My own quick start instructions and many pages of software docs
- Many other 3rd Party Programs

USB Computer interface works with ALL Icom radios having a 'REMOTE" rear connector:  IC-7000 703, 706 (all models), 718, 735, 736, 738, 745, 746, 746PRO, 756, 756PRO, 756PRO-II, 756PRO-III, 751, 761, 765, 775, 781, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7600, 7700, 7800, 820, 821, 910.

On the inside, all components have been asembled on a professionally made double sided printed circuit board.
Here's an outside close up view of the interface itself:

$120 for the complete package
shipping is included by US Postal Service

Send your check or money order to:

Robert Langston
286 Hudson Street

Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.  12520